Mjx Hyper Go Upgraded Accessories for H14BM /14210 /14209


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MJX Hyper Go Parts Name : Mjx Hyper Go Upgraded Accessories for H14BM /14210 /14209

Aluminum alloy: The front and rear arms of 1/14 MJX Hyper Go 14210 14209 are made of aluminum, ensuring durability and improved appearance
Durability improvement: The metal structure of these arms makes them more sturdy, with a 100% increase in durability, ensuring long-lasting performance
Easy to replace: These front and rear arms are easy to replace, and installation is convenient and fast. Get your RC racing car back on track quickly!
Enhanced appearance: These aluminum arms are made of materials, which not only make the structure more sturdy, but also add a touch of beauty to the overall appearance of RC cars
Fit: Designed specifically for 1/14 MJX Hyper Go 14210 14209, these arms ensure fit and ease of use. Rest assured to upgrade your RC car!
Material: Aluminum alloy.
Color: Purple/Red/Black/Silver.
Applicable to: MJX, Hyper Go 14210 14209

Please select the parts you need for purchase. If you want special accessories, please contact us through this email:[email protected] for customization


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