MJX Hyper Go 14210 Brushless High Speed RC Car


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Brushless RC cars: The 2852 4400KV four-pole brushless motor with Aluminum heat sink and dual cooling fan, 45A independent brushless ESC make for a more powerful and efficient driving experience.
Beast Speed: The rc car with a High performance and high endurance standard 2S 3000mAh 25C battery, The usage time can reach over 30 minutes, mjx hyper go 14210 can reach speeds of up to 55km/h. It also supports 3S batteries(not included), which can increase the top speed to 78km/h.
Full Metal Hydraulic Shock Absorber: Our high-speed brushless remote control car is equipped with a high quality front short rear long metal hydraulic shock absorber made of durable metal. This feature ensures that the car can handle rough terrain and provides a smoother ride.
Strong metal quality: The hyper go 14210 rc car adopts 6061 aluminum alloy chassis, transverse support rods, metal drive shafts and chrome steel gears, which are not only hard and wear-resistant, but also improve transmission reliabilit

Power system:
ESC:45A (With aluminum heat sink)
Motor:brushless 2852 (with hot sink and fan)
Servo:19g digital servo 2.2kg.cm
Frequency:2.4 GHZ
Battery: 3XAA battery(not included)
7.4V 3000mah 25C Li-po

Charge time:180min
Using time:10 min
Control distance:120m
Proportional control:proportional control
Using time:10 min
Control distance:120m
Proportional control:proportional control

Axle Base:188mm
Tire diameter:90mm
Package included:
1x Car body (including battery)
1x Manual
1x USB charging cable
1x Hex wrench
1x screwdriver
4x Sand digging tire
1x golden car shell (this car with 2 car shells,one is black,one is gold)

Rugged chassis components, including steel differential outdrives and metal gearbox internals, a heavy-duty drivetrain, durable steel universal telescopic drive shaft, and more contribute to unstoppable bashing performance.

Aluminum Alloy Chassis: Made of 6061 aluminum, the laser-etched chassis plate with a metal center body support and strong composite brace for maximum durability.The composite front bumper let you fearlessly tackle almost anything that stands in your way.

All-terrain: Multi-terrain airless style tires with a diameter of 111mm are suitable for run on grass, gravel and dirt roads. The extra paddle tires easily conquer extreme terrain such as snow, sand, mud.
Driving Quality: The tire (Pre-mounted sponge inserted) and oil-filled absorbers greatly reduce the shaking of the truck when driving at high speed. The new design adjustable, oil-filled shocks, keep you confidently in control.
Transmitter: 300+ FT 2.4GHz 3-Channel Radio with light control, ST/TH Trim function are available. New bashers will be able to set throttle limits at 70% until they are ready to use the full speed potential.



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