JJRC Q130 Brushed RC Car 1/14 B version


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Basic information Brand:JJRC

Models:Q130 B brushless



Power system 35A ESC and receiver are 2 in 1

Motor:2840 4000kv brushless

Servo:3 Line

LED headlights, LED roof lights, LED tail lights

Transmitter Frequency:2.4 GHZ

Battery: 3XAA battery(not included)

Battery: 7.4V 1500mAH 15C Li battert (T plug)
others Charge time:180-210min

Using time:15-18 min

Control distance:120m


Proportional control:proportional control

It adopts plant differential.

Dimension Size:34.5*20.5*14.8 CM

Transmitter size:13*7.5*21 CM

Wheelbase:18.8 cm

Axle base:18.5cm


Package size:57.5*36.5*53.5 CM

Car weight:1160g

Package weight::1900g


1: Charging protection: constant current and constant voltage balanced charging, protection function for battery overcharge and overcurrent.

2: Motor anti-jamming protection: When overloaded, the motor stops working.

3: High temperature protection: When the working temperature is higher than the setting, the drive control circuit stops working, and resumes working after the temperature drops to a safe value.

4: ESC low-voltage power-off function, when the battery is lower than 6.3-6.4V, it will automatically power off to prevent the battery from being damaged due to over-discharge.


  1. Using the simulation structure design, it has the control feeling of a real car, and realizes full-scale continuously variable transmission, high-speed driving, rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversing, left turn, right turn;
  2. Applicable venues: flat ground, sandy ground, muddy ground, grassland.
  3. Four-wheel drive: front and rear upright spring shock absorption, double wishbone independent suspension system;
  4. 2.4G full-scale synchronous remote control system. Full-scale throttle/steering;
  5. Metal differential, metal differential cup, powder planetary gear, powder driving gear, powder main gear;
  6. Metal CVD front drive shaft, metal rear dog bone, metal wheel cup;
  7. Three-line 17G digital steering gear;
  8. 7.4V, 18650-1500mAh Li-ion battery (T plug), discharge rate 15C;
  9. New remote control panel function: rudder size adjustment;
  10. The whole car adopts 16 ball bearings;
  11. Metal second floor, metal front and rear arm yards, metal middle drive shaft;
  12. The car shell is made of high toughness explosion-proof PVC car shell;
  13. The car shell is equipped with LED headlights, LED roof lights, and LED tail lights; (three modes: constant light, slow flash, fast flash);
  14. Simulated off-road tires with strong grip;

Package included:

1*RC Car


1*Rechargeable battery(built-in)




Blue, Red


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